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Percolation Areas

JV Sewage Treatment Systems LTD

Percolation Areas including Pressurised Systems installation and repair through Munster

We offer all the required percolation areas


- Standard Stone Souk Percolations Area

- Pressurised Percolation Area

- Peat Module Percolation Area

- Sand Filter Percolation Area


Your pressurised system is designed to distribute and treated wastewater by distributing it through a system of small diameter pipes. The distribution network is made up of a supply manifold and specially designed and drilled distribution pipes. The wastewater is pumped at pressure from the treatment tank, ensuring it flows to all points of the network. This pipe network is laid out on a bed of stone and subsoil, covered with a geo-textile membrane and covered with topsoil.

Pressurised systems are useful in raised percolation beds. Raised beds are constructed by creating a mound on top of the ground leveled using soils and sands of suitable for percolation.

They are installed where difficult site conditions such as high water table, not enough subsoil depth or poor percolation are typically encountered.

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